Saturday, March 1, 2014

Out with the old...

Big Daddy and I are rather ... well ... frugal. Most of our furniture was either made by family, handed down, or bought at garage sales. We just have a very hard time spending large amounts of money on things.

We started years ago paying cash for, campers, furniture, etc. So when it comes to upgrading, we usually think and over think about everything and end up deciding that what we have is perfectly functional so don't buy anything at all. Vacations are our big splurges. We still pay cash and shop around, but we don't wait for years to buy and go. Making memories with the kids at each stage of their lives is important to us. 

Anyway, we have been using this $30 garage sale beauty for the past about seven years. Really. We broke one chair a few years back and my sister in law gave us another...that doesn't match but is close enough. Can you spy the different one? ;o)

I decided I was ready to be a grown up and buy something new. We started looking around and decided to buy local. I found a table that I loved that a couple here in town makes in their garage. I ordered it last month and with the weather it took a little while, but I was happy to wait to get it done right. No need to rush anyway when we have a perfectly good table to use - lol.

Yesterday I posted our beauty on Facebook and sold it (May the new family have as many good years with it as we did!) and today our table was ready. WAHOOOO.

Out with the old and in with the new. We liked the benches because they can seat several additional peeps. As it was, we filled our table at each meal which made it tight when the kids have friends over. I also brought a couple of chairs for them to paint to match. Oh and had her distress them all so it will look like it's on purpose when we ding it up. Lol.

A bonus was getting the floor mopped and shiny while the room was empty. We moved the bookcases out and cleaned it good (with Thieves cleaner so it smells nice too) before bringing everything back in.  I love it all!!

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