Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Love No Matter What

Little Man is spending the day getting to know his sweet grandparents, who he will be living with soon. That left us with some time to kill. We went shopping and got some birthday gifts for him. Then ran into Sams...because the kids wanted some samples. We were too early for samples - haha - but I found this book and flipped through it.

It's a giant board book that is all about I will love you no matter what. Then I got to the last page, and teared up in Sams.

I had to get it for little man. I pray he always knows that even during the time he couldn't be with his family, he was so very loved.

Here he is with Big Daddy and T, eating breakfast this morning. I snapped this picture so I can remember these little moments...treasure them in my heart.

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  1. So sweet. You should print up some of these pictures and put them in an album for him too. :)


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