Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who is your hero?

T and P take art classes on Thursday. The lady that leads it is an amazingly talented artist and loves the Lord, which shows in everything she does. Their theme of the class this semester is "Heroes of the Bible." Each week, they have studied a hero and their piece reflected that hero. The first week was a self-portrait since they are made in God's image and He is the great artist. It was a great start to the year.

Today, they were to choose their favorite hero from the Bible and could choose their medium too. P had a new box of pastels that were calling her name, so she used that for this project and T used colored pencils.

I loved how they turned out! They love this class. P did her presentation last week on it and said, "I like how my teacher tells us a Bible story and prays to start each class." I'm so thankful that we have found quality art lessons with a Biblical twist.


Who would you choose for your Bible hero? They are doing Jesus next week. :)


  1. Nice work!!!! You have a couple of talented artists! I bet they get that from their Aunt KayJay :)

    1. Clearly :) And for the record...I cut T's hair today. Phew. lol

  2. Now I need to think of who I would chose as my bible hero, probably Jesus, but I need to think of another as well. What a fun art class. I love this! Your kids are TALENTED! Their drawings are impressive. Good job!


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