Friday, March 8, 2013

Got Sleep?

I think a week of too much fun, mixed with some sinus congestion wore little T right out. He came home from art yesterday and I told him to lay down for 30 minutes because I could tell he was pooped. He said he didn't need to, so I laid in there too and said we will just both rest for a few minutes. He said he wasn't tired. But 2 minutes later, was snoring like a grown man.

Big Daddy came home an hour and a half later and we figured we needed to wake the little sleeper up. So we opened the curtains and started talking normal (not whispering). He didn't budge. We started tickling him and pushing on him a little. Nothing. He hates we started kissing on him. At this point we double checked that he was breathing! Phew!

So, we did what all good parents would do. We grabed the camera.


He was out! We brought in P and C to kiss on him too...he SO hates being kissed that we were totally taking advantage of his slumber. He pushed P away...yay...progress. Then went right back to this:

We finally left him alone to his dreams. After his 3 hour nap, he woke up, ate dinner, watched Duck Dynasty with us, then went back to bed for 12 hours! He just woke up this morning. He was one sleepy boy!


  1. Very sweet! Here's my YIWT,T post for this week!

  2. Love this Leslie. He was one tired little guy!
    I'm a "good" parent too, because I always tend to pull out the camera when Boyd is having a meltdown/crying.


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