Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday Family Fun

A client asked me to do pictures of them in Branson this week. They were going to put our family up in a condo for a few days for coming there for the pictures instead of them coming down here. It was perfect timing since it is Spring Break this week...but the weather ended up being yucky so we had to postpone it for a few weeks. Big Daddy had already taken off work so we wanted to do something fun. He got to take the kids to art on Thursday and hang out with Captain C for 2 hours while they painted. I got caught up on a bunch of work while they were gone - yay. I just love their canvases they made!

We rented a Redbox movie and made s'mores that night and called it a successful, relaxing day.

Then Friday morning we got up and headed to OKC to the Outlet Mall. I had no idea there was a Naartjie store just 2 hours from me! Sweet! We had a good time and everyone got a few new things. Then Terrific T wanted to go to Penn Square Mall to the Lego store. I have never seen a mall so busy...maybe this is why we don't go to the mall. It took us 10 minutes of driving up and down every aisle to find even one empty space. But it was worth is as he mentioned it as a highlight of this day. They each made a new person and we headed on our way.

After that, we swung into Sonic for some happy hour throw the kids off our trail (and to save a buck or twenty). They were surprised when we showed up at Pops a little while later. They love to go there and look at all the cool sodas.

They ended up buying Chocolate Covered Bacon Soda (C), Swamp Juice (T), and Parrot Punch (P) - yummy. ;)

We always see the Round Barn when we are going to Pops but have never stopped. This time we did. It was a quick stop but cool to do a little tour. C's favorite part was the outhouse, of course.

THEN...yes, it was a loooong day...we decided to brave the 40* weather and go to the drive in movies. We haven't been in years and I don't think the kids have ever been. We made dinner and bought some snacks (OK..."some" is an understatement...we looked like we were taking a weekend trip) and loaded up the van with blankets and pillows. We didn't even get out of the car because it was pretty cool, but we had a blast. After the first movie, Princess P climbed into the back seat and played on the ipad for about 10 minutes before falling sound asleep. I climbed into the middle seat and let C sit upfront for the second movie and enjoyed some snuggle time with my middle child. Loved every minute of it!

It was a great day all around. I love spending time with my family.



  2. It should like a perfect weekend! I enjoyed all the pics :)


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