Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Got juice?

We bought a case of tangerines over a week ago and still had a bunch left so I gave Captain C permission to peel all he wanted (he likes peeling them but not eating them).

He went to work:

And 10 minutes later we had this:

While he doesn't like eating oranges/tangerines, he does like the juice. We all enjoyed the fresh juice for breakfast. I looked up the benefits of tangerine juice and was please to find there was quite a list. It helps: Anemia, Constipation, Indigestion, Lungs, Skin Problems, Weight Loss, Blood, Gout, Liver, Scurvy, and Strengthens Blood Vessels.

Hot Diggity Dog. We have been having it several times a week and still have a bunch of them left. Glad to hear they are good for us too!

And in unrelated news, Terrific T went to work with me today. I was taking pictures of the staff of a dental office. He was helping me test lights but I thought this was cute. He never looked up from his game ;o)

We left there and had to go get one of his teeth pulled. He was a champ...just like when he had the mole removed last year (...which he said was easier than getting that molar pulled. Thanks to Valium, he doesn't remember how awful the mole removal was!). I was proud of him for just sitting there and letting them do what they needed to do. Love that boy!


  1. I love that picture of Terrific T. He is much more brave than I am....I would have cried having a tooth pulled. {Ok, I couldn't figure out if it's "more brave", or "braver". I really did go to college. ha}.

    Don't you love looking up the nutritional info on something and seeing how good it is for you?! The juice looks really good!

  2. We have a ton of tangerines sitting in a bowl on the counter - I never even thought about juicing them. What a great idea! (And yummy, too!)

  3. Really cute pic of T... so glad he did good today... glad to hear Tangerines are so good for you... We brought a bag home from FL...

  4. Yum! We got some tangerines yesterday. I think I'll go peel one :)

  5. Wow, that's impressive! The only one of my kids that will even eat oranges is Audrey, but she's too lazy to peel them, lol.

  6. We recently had some honeybell oranges and they were seriously full of juice. I've never seen anything like it!

    LOVE that 1st shot.


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