Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Counting. That is just about all I have done today. And no one is in trouble either ;)

I was talking to a friend about wanting to have one of my kids tested with the IgG food allergy test. I would like to test all of us but it is $$$, so starting with one who I think needs it most. She recently had it done and after eliminating the "bad" foods, feels SO much better that I wanted to give this a try for him. She told me about another method of testing for allergies that is FREE. WooHoo. It is the Pulse Test. I read up on it all weekend and started today, taking all of our pulses before we eat, then 30, 60, and 90 minutes after we eat. In a nutshell, if you are allergic to something you eat, your pulse will be elevated after you eat it. Simple, painless, and did I mention, it's free? Love it. Except that none of the kids can find their own pulse, and you have to do it for the full minute (not 10 seconds x 6) so that is a LOT of counting I have done today. It is 2:30 and I have taken 36 pulse counts so far.

However, I am VERY surprised with the results so far. Not at all what I was expecting...or who I was expecting. I'm going to keep this up for a few days before taking this info to their doctor, who will likely think I am insane. ;)

From what I have read, this method is very accurate. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you find.


  1. I may check that out too. Kevin has been having some bad skin rashes, which led to his infection and surgery recently. Although he is going to a dermatologist next week, I think some of the foods we are eating might be doing this. You've definitely been busy taking pulses!

    ps. I love the book you sent. It is so good! It's motivating me all over again.

    Have a good day. I hope you don't have to count too much today. :)

  2. So what were the results?? which foods bothered whom??


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