Friday, January 27, 2012

Angels on Board? Yes, thank you!

Terrific T woke up today and said he dreamed that the devil was in his room last night. He saw his red eyes. T apparently woke Captain C up yelling, "Did Jesus come in the flesh?". A dear friend taught him to ask this to anything that is talking to him to know if it is Godly or not. I'm pretty impressed that he thought of it, even in his dream! Anyway, the red eyes said no and he then commanded it to "Get out of my digestive system!" (he went to bed with a tummy ache so I guess that tied over to his dream. That same friend has the gift of healing and has prayed over the kids many times so they know about the authority of Jesus, even over digestive systems!) He said that then two angels came and took the red eyes to jail and he didn't see him again and slept well all night.

Then Princess P just got out of the shower and said she heard a laugh while she was in there that sounded like Dad's. But it wasn't Dad's. She said it was a good guy laugh though and not a bad guy....she said it sounded like her two angels were playing chess and started laughing (she prays for angels to sit on her bed while she sleeps and has been known to make them a "comfy spot" sometimes too).

I think our angels are going to need overtime pay! I have often wondered about the spiritual war going on around us all the time. If only we could see it, I bet we would all pray a whole lot more and call on the name of Jesus to send those angels a whole lot more! I'm thankful my kids are aware...maybe more so than I am. I'm glad to know Who is going to win this war in the end, and glad to be on His side!


  1. I love it! I have often longed for and prayed for my Caleb's faith. At 6 years old he just KNOWS that God hears him and responds. He talks to God like a close, personal friend, and he recognizes the answers when they come. I hate that we (adults) tend to get so "smart" that we overthink our faith.

  2. I think that is amazing that your kids are aware and that they know when to call out to Him, and that the Lord is always on their side. Loved this post, a lot!

  3. it's important to know we have the power to speak & command in the name of Jesus - more and more people seem to shy away from this (of course, they are more than ready to believe a crystal will heal or bring them luck- but spiritual warfare? that's over the top) :) good mama teaching them to listen for the voice of God too!!!


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