Thursday, January 19, 2012

All in a day's work

I'm sitting on the couch, with the laptop on my lap. Why? Because Terrific T's dictation sentences are on here and I'm reading them to him. Princess P is sitting next to me doing phonics and arguing that "Can mom fix a spot?" could be answered both yes or no depending on what kind of spot it is. If it is a really bad stain, we might just have to just throw it away and not fix it. And they just thought they were giving the kids yes or no questions! Captain C is sitting on the fireplace (in front of the blazing fire I just started!), answering mental math questions I am asking him and about to start his math lesson.

So, I thought I'd blog all this so I can remember these fun days of multitasking. Sometimes I look back on the day (and the house that was trashed during that day) and wonder where my time went but a lot of it looks like this. The house might not ever be clean and dinner on the table when Big Daddy gets home, and 1/2 the time, 3/4 of us may still be in jammies (it would be 4/4 if Terrific T didn't sleep in jeans), but I do what I can. We get by....and we are doing alright.

On that note....I'm out of here! About 10 ladies from our CC group are leaving bright and early tomorrow to hear Leigh Bortins speak on Saturday. We might be leaving a tad bit early to do a little shopping and relaxing but refer to the first paragraph if you need a reason why I need a little ME time ;o) I am also super excited to get a little overdue face time with a dear friend while in the great state of Texas. I can't wait!

OK, C finished math so I need to grade it and P is sitting next to me reading a book I am supposed to be listening to (T is doing math in a T-made tent behind the recliner) so I gotta wrap this up. Have a great weekend, everyone. I know I will ;o)


  1. I hear you. I do what I can do most days as well. :)

    Have a fun weekend. I'm sure you will! Getting away is ALWAYS nice.

  2. I think sometimes that's the reason I blog, too! At the end of the day it's sometimes hard to remember what you've done. But whether you've gotten the house clean or cooked dinner is really immaterial - you've been a mom. And that really IS a full time job!

  3. I know what you mean. Lately things have been so incredibly busy around here that I've thought of doing away with my blog, but then I remember that I started so I could have something to look back on and remember what my kids did.


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