Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This morning, T says, "If P wakes me up again tomorrow, I'm going to punch her. I'm just warning you."

Yesterday, P cried and didn't want to go to CC because we were painting so I made her wear play clothes. She had slept in braids so her hair would "be fancy" for CC and was so mad that "her hair doesn't match her clothes".


C woke me up this morning with blood running down his hand. He was prying frozen waffles apart with a knife and stabbed himself.

this is why I'm grey.


  1. Girl, oh my goodness. I love your kids.

    I'm already grey.


  2. And that post just sums up so concisely the differences between boys and girls!

    PS. I'm grey too. *sigh*

  3. So, just another day ;-) haha! Noelle always says she wants to look "fancy" for ballroom dance class. Funny girls! I love it though! I hope C wasn't hurt too badly. YIKES! And that was so thoughtful of T to give P a "fair" warning-hahahaha! I can give him some pointers...but you would need to buy a riding lawnmower ;)


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