Saturday, March 26, 2011

What is LOVE?

LOVE is your 8 year old bring you a birthday breakfast in bed that consists of a big glass of chocolate milk because he didn't get you a gift.

LOVE is your 6 year old setting up a tea party for you in her room using the breakable tea set.

LOVE is your 11 year old buying you the exact knife sharpener he wanted...and using it for you so you don't have to.

LOVE is your 30-something wife going to Red Lobster with you and not outwardly gagging at the smells and sights.

On the other hand...

LOVE is you choking down that breakfast drink with a smile on your face.

LOVE is you bellying up to the tea party and enjoying those moments with your princess.

LOVE is you paying $6 for 1/2 a box of mac and cheese and 1/2 an orange at Red Lobster and not complaining...too much.

LOVE is you doing dishes and laundry on your special day.

We LOVE you, Big Daddy, and LOVE being LOVED by you!! Happy 40th :o)


  1. This brought a smile to my face. Happy Birthday to you hubby. Have a great week Leslie!

  2. Love it! But seafood? I'll still be your friend anyway...FB says we are after all. ;)

  3. Happy {late} birthday to your husband! :))))))


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