Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!

One of our neighbors has a big "Mardi Gras" inflatable in his front yard. Who knew they even made those?!?! Anyway, the kids were asking what it meant. I knew a little...but not enough to give an education on it. Thank goodness for Google. After googling Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, and even Lent, we were off.

We dyed some sugar to top our "king cake" with. Purple was harder to make than green and gold but we tried.

I got a phone call just as the "cake" came out of the oven so the kids decorated it for us.

It tasted better than it looked ;) They had fun making masks while learning the history of Mardi Gras. Pretty cool that it originated in the middle ages, which we have been studying this semester.

Then the fun began...P  and I gave each other makeovers.

She was laughing so hard I was nervous so kept my eye on her.

Turns out I was nervous for no reason. She is a pro and we look simply gorgeous.

Although I do think I now know why they wear masks!

We had a great day and already have our plan for Lent now. Being raised Southern Baptist, we have never celebrated Lent before and I am very excited about this year.  We have a plan and I pray we stick to it. I'll post about it later but am keeping it a surprise since it effects some people that read this...and surprises are more fun :)

P journaled about our day all by herself (obviously) and I had to include it here. I'll translate below it ;)

 We made a mask.
We made a king cake.
Mom put makeup on me.

Time to throw away the Wii! Yikes! OK, I'm curious....do you celebrate Mardi Gras? Practice Lent? Tell me more, tell me more.


  1. I have done lent as a way to prepare my heart for Easter. I think a southern baptist isn't against that!! Usually I get up something to help me remember what God gave up for me.

  2. That is exactly what I think! I just never paid attention to the date...but we are this year and looking forward to it.

  3. That was a fun post! LOVE the makeovers. You both look gorgeous! :)

    I love the king cake and the masks too. I think it's cool that your kids learn so much about so many different things!

    I just started observing Lent last year, officially. I gave up diet sodas. It was hard! I haven't decided what to give up this year, and I need to know that by tomorrow. oops!

  4. Hmmm, lets see. If I'm correct Lent is a Catholic observation is it not? At any rate, I have never observed Lent. What exactly is the purpose and what do you do to practice Lent?
    Mardi Gras...I thought it was just a ginormous party in Lousianna, I'm obviously wrong.
    The photos are great. Love the make up on baby girl...what beauties.
    What is King Cake?

  5. So hilarious. You both look great! "Wii made a mask"....Hysterical.

  6. I was raised Southern Baptist and never practiced Lent. We attend the Methodist church now and the practice of Lent helps me to focus as Easter approaches. Symbols really speak to my heart and I love attending Ash Wednesday service and having the sign of the cross made in ashes on my forehead - a visible sign of Christ on me. We also observe Maudy Thursday (before Good Friday), at the end of the service, the church alter is stripped and black cloth is draped while the pastor reads the Biblical account of the trial and crucifixion. The lights are dimmed and we leave in silence. Then on Sunday, we arrive to a sanctuary full of lilies and light to celebrate the Resurrection.
    Dana T

  7. I love it!! Never celebrated lent or mardi gras but you guys make me want to! :)

  8. Isn't it cool how both holidays have some religious start? Glad you are having fun and learning new holidays importance.

    and i <3 how P spelled "we" ;)

  9. ok- so the makeup is a little scary- lol i'm actually really jealous cause i have no girls to play with!
    great lesson - fun homeschool mama! you know i approve of the cake! working hard to get healthy lately, but dying to make another cake! if only i could make them and not eat them ... that'll never happen! kelli

  10. oh, i've never done lent- grew up in a baptist home- but, i've been thinking about it a lot lately (cause everyone is talking about it) and i do think it is a wonderful way to prepare your heart to focus on the ultimate Sacrifice. pondering ways to make it a part of our family traditions -

  11. "Wii" oh that made me LOL. Love it!


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