Saturday, March 19, 2011


The kids have been taking gymnastics for the past few months. They like to practice what they are learning at home during the week. This week, C and P have spent lots of time working on their headstands (T will pass...he tolerates the classes and even had fun this week in class, but isn't exactly jumping at the chance to practice, and that's ok). Tonight, I had my camera out to take pics of the super-moon....that we couldn't see because of the super-clouds so I took some pics of P practicing.

This week, we have seen an awful lot of this:

She's getting there. We have also seen a whole lotta this:

And this:
It is taking a lot of practice and they will likely be all bruised up but they are having a blast and we are enjoying watching them...and sometimes participating too ;o)

[side note...I really am a better photographer than this. These were taken in the dark living room with just the kitchen light on...but they serve their purpose and I am thankful to have a camera that can rock super high ISOs!]


  1. Oh man...remember the days of kart wheels, round offs, headstands, etc...?
    If I even tried to do a summersault now I'd be throwing up the rest of the night. I can't even sit on the swings without feeling nauseated. I think something happens to your inner ear or balance as you get older. Darn it.

  2. Those are fun pictures! I love them!

    We saw the super moon last night too. We had a good view of it for quite a while, but then we got the clouds too. Boyd thought we said superman, so he kept looking everywhere for him. Poor kid! :)


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