Sunday, March 20, 2011

Determination Pays Off!!!

I mentioned Princess P's determination yesterday, but had no idea what her determination would bring today. She and T have been out riding their bikes as much as possible the past few days. Today, there were two little neighbor girls out there riding with them. P comes back across the street to us and says she wants her training wheels off. Okie dokie...we took them off. She tip toed up and down the street for several hours today, not giving up, even after our backs had. She just kept on going by herself, one step at a time. And it paid off! Tonight, after dinner, she wanted to go back out again (we had been inside for about 20 minutes since getting home from church, after all) so I headed out with her one more time. And what do you know...she did it. All her hard work and determination today paid off and she was able to ride quite a ways by herself. She is still shaky, but that will come. She still can't turn around without us, but that will come. I am so proud of her for just doing it. The boys were not this brave their first day out!

You go girl!


  1. Way to go girlie!!

  2. Whoohooo! Supergirl! Great job!

  3. That is fantastic! Do you know my girls are 5, 7 and 9 and not a single one of them can ride a bike?!? They can roller skate like nobodies business, but they won't even try to ride their bikes.

  4. YAYAY!! GO P!!! M hasn't gotten quite as determined as you :)


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