Friday, March 11, 2011

Lie to Me

A friend got me hooked on the show, Lie to Me, on Netflix. Have you seen it? It is fascinating to me. I find myself analyzing everything people say lately. Well...not what they say, but what their face says while they are saying it. I also notice myself giving little "micro expressions" when someone says something that annoys, surprises, irritates, etc me. I just love when I get to say Cal's famous line, "Now that's the truth!" to the kids :) So if you catch me staring at you sometime, you probably don't have a booger or anything, I might just be trying to catch you in a lie ;o)


  1. LOVE that show!! I got hooked on it last fall...I watched in Hulu, I think. I watch everyone's faces and posture, too.

  2. Hmmm, I have to be more careful now.

    Big T

  3. If I tilt my head, you better be nervous!

  4. LOL @ Big T. Seen that a few pretty interesting. How do you do this over the typed or spoken (not seen) word? ;)

  5. Ha! I knew you'd love it. Unfortunately we have run out of episodes and are looking for something else while we wait for Season 3. I heard you can watch it on Hulu but we can never get Hulu to work for us.

    P.S. Your turn on Words With Friends. :)


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