Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday: Shots are more fun with friends!

I'm not very good at the Wordless Wednesday deal, but am kinda enjoying the "Not So Wordless Wednesday"s, so, here is this week's edition.

Last month, I started getting the shots for my trip to Cambodia this summer, but my doctor's office doesn't have any Typhoid shots so I had to go to the health department. Another friend that is going to Cambodia with me needed hers we decided to made a day of it. Invited one more friend for moral support and threw in an awesome 3 year old and it was a party waiting to happen :)

Don't we look like fun? 
Some of us are more fun than others ;)

Little C entertained Big C while his mom and I excitedly answered some "personal questions".

Little dude took his job of hand squeezing very seriously and was definitely a nice distraction during shot time.

Apparently I started squeezing his hand back during the actual shot because he sweetly said, "Miss Yessie, you squeezin' my hand now." Oops! Sorry, buddy!

And one more photo just to prove we were both shot. 
You're welcome, F :)

So yes, shots are definitely more fun with friends. And shopping and lunch are also more fun with friends ;o)

I am so looking forward to this trip and seeing how God uses us and teaches us while we minister in Cambodia.

Thanks for the fun day,, please, pass the Purell :)


  1. That's awesome Leslie! I hate shots, next time I should take a friend. :) Can't wait to hear more about your trip to Cambodia

  2. you make me laugh! can't wait to see pictures of that trip :)

  3. You better bring a case :)

  4. Oh man, the health department. If you made it out of there without a communicable disease, nothing in Cambodia can touch ya.

    You guys really know how to have fun! :) ~ Linda

  5. YAY for a hand to hold...and girlfriends that truly feel your pain!!

  6. Peggy and I are going on the 11th . . . no shopping . . . no lunch . . . probably won't have as much fun as you did, but at least we are going together =) Gyna

  7. Ouch, ouch, ouch! The last time I had to had to have a shot I had to take my kids with me. They thought it was hilarious and laughed at me, the bunch of meanies!

  8. Oh how fun that you did this with friends, especially Fawn and Cannon! :) Love the pictures.....

  9. when is Cambodia? that is really awesome! i'll be praying about your trip- let me know more about it when you get the chance!


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