Thursday, August 7, 2014

Still oiling it up

July was a fun and busy month. We had an awesome trip to Colorado and of course, took oils with us. T, P, and I get uncomfortable when traveling on curvy roads pretty badly so I was prepared this time. P had her seabands on, but a few times, she still started getting sick. I pulled out the Peppermint and DiGize and she just smelled them and felt better! I ordered a new car diffuser, but it didn't come in until after we had left for vacation. Bummer. On the bright side, I had it for C's first week of football. I had Purification diffusing in the car when I picked him up and it totally covered the football funk. :)

Several times this month, I went to bed feeling icky.... I oiled up before bed and woke up fine the next day. Love waking up refreshed and cleared up!

I also co-hosted my first Young Living class this month. And it was a blast. Who knew? You don't actually have to know everything to share these amazing oils...just sharing how they have helped us and where to get more information. Once we started sharing how they work so well for us, everyone wanted to try them. The awesome part is that then THEY have their own stories because they really do work. I have a completely anonymous, skeptical friend who texted me last night that as much as she hated to admit it, the oils worked for her! haha.

This month, I also cashed in about $300 in Essentials Reward...meaning FREE products. wahoo.

If you are ordering Young Living each month, you might as well be on the Essential Rewards program and earn free products! I decided to stock up on winter germ busters here - Thieves hand soap and hand sanitizer, RC (great for coughs and congestion...and bone spurs apparently) and DiGize, another staple at our house. I also thought I would try some Clarity for back to school time...I've been diffusing it while the kids do school. I'm not sure why exactly I got Geranium and JuvaFlex. JuvaFlex is a great liver detox and anger is stored in the liver, so I threw it in thinking if we have any angry little elves, we can detox that. BUT a friend at church said she went in last week and her liver is acting up, so I gave it to her to use. I think I threw it in "for no reason" for her - love how God takes care of things. I'm praying it helps her numbers go back to normal quickly.

I'm ordering tomorrow if anyone local wants to take advantage of my wholesale membership (24% off retail) and free shipping (I'm already paying it for my order so won't charge you since I get the ER points off of you - it all works out). If you want to sign up to be a wholesale member too, leave me a message and I'll hook you up.  I really don't think you will be disappointed if you try them!

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  1. I love the "for no reason". I hope your friend gets a great report! Last week N4 did a zyto scan and needed fennel. Mom had ordered fennel "for no reason" so we started her on it right away, hoping it will help the big D. I cashed in my ER last week on many of the same "Thieves-ish" items :) Bring on the germs!!!


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