Monday, June 30, 2014

1/2 way through the year!

It's hard enough to believe that June is already over, but even harder to hear that 2014 is halfway over. How crazy is that?!? I really wish time would just slow right down.

I'm starting to look ahead to next year's school now. I think I was in denial that we would ever have to do anything again after May...but I was wrong. We have done a few things here and there (mostly finishing up Math and doing review items) but not done a full day's work all summer. The kids are taking their achievement tests this week, so they are not wanting to do much else. It's hard when we have to do them in nap times way I would try to get them to test with little hurricane M awake.

We have family visiting and just finished two weeks of swim lessons. T and P are becoming really good little swimmers. They loved the lessons!

Little miss will have been here one month tomorrow! I'm hoping to keep seeing progress in her as she realizes that she is loved, even when she misbehaves. Tonight, when I was putting her to bed, she initiated the "I love you" that I tell her every night. YAY. She always wants to sing "Sweet Jesus" when we go upstairs to bed and sings it to her dolls when they are going to sleep. She calls every dog she sees Wondermutt's name and all of our kids are called Terrific T. We are working on that - lol! She is very imaginative and sings and sings and sings...I wish we knew what she was singing. We are getting an eval with Sooner Start on Wednesday to see if she is delayed in any areas that we can help her with. Her case worker is great and really gets things done!

We also finished up our annual renewal this week for foster care. Hard to believe we were certified a year ago. I still need to do a physical but I was telling our worker how much harder it is to get all these things done with a 2 year old than it was last year without one. lol. Changes everything!

OK - just wanted to recap what's going on around here. The days do fly by but we are busy and having fun. Growing and learning. I started a new Bible study on the fruits of the Spirit that I'm really enjoying. Caleb and I both are doing one and keeping each other accountable with them. He's doing the Not a Fan one and really liking it he says.

Here's to the second half of 2014 not going by quite so quickly!

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