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Review: Kinder Cottage Publishing Books

Kinder Cottage Review
Kinder Cottage ReviewWho doesn't love Peter Rabbit books? We all grew up with this little friend and I was honored to get to review a couple Peter Rabbit books for Kinder Cottage Publishing. I let Princess P go through the list to pick the ones that interested her the most since she is the only one of my kiddos in the 3-9 year old recommended age range. She chose When Peter Rabbit went to School and Peter Rabbit at the Farm for our review.
Kinder Cottage Publishing began just two years ago but a husband and wife who wanted their kids, and others' kids to have quality literature to read. They began with the Peter Rabbit series and Wizard of Oz series and are contuning to add to their products. 
When these books arrived, we were pleased with the quality. They are hardback, 5x7 books and were 56 and 64 pages long. The pictures brought ME back to my childhood and P was excited to read the stories. They sell for $4 each and there are 10 books to choose from in this series. 
Kinder Cottage Review 
In Peter Rabbit at the Farm, the curious and mischievous Peter Rabbit has quite the exciting day. After sneaking out of the house, he wanders off on an adventure. He runs into several characters along the way and always ends up with some sort of excitement, like the Peter Rabbit we all know and love. It seems that trouble follows our little guy, even when he isn't looking for it. 
In When Peter Rabbit went to School,  Peter's mother is tired of having to always wonder what kind of mischief Peter will get into so decides to send him and his sisters to school. I love that Mother Rabbit "shed a few tears" when they went off to school...adorable! As usually, Peter finds trouble, even at school for "it seemed to be in Peter's nature to always do the very thing he was told not to do." {quote from page 32} I do like that he doesn't get away with his antics and feels sorry for disobeying. 

Kinder Cottage ReviewThese books are great! Just like I remember them from when I was little and it was fun to share them with the kids. They were easy to read and full of colorful pictures.

These adorable books were adapted from the original books published by the Henry Altemus Company in 1917. They have preserved the integrity of the original artwork and only updated parts of the story that needed updating to make since in today's culture. 
I asked Princess P share her opinion of them. She said, "I like that they are not too long and not too short. And I like that Peter always gets into adventures." I asked her if she would recommend them to others and she said yes. I asked who she thought would enjoy these books and she answered, "Both boys and girls and all ages, young and old....not like parents old, but children old. Well, I guess parents would like them too."

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