Saturday, April 6, 2013


We have been looking at trading our van in for quite a while. The dealer didn't want to give us enough for it so we decided to sell it on our own. That's a scary thing since once it is gone, you have no car. So, Thursday night, I listed it on craigslist and in 30 minutes, someone had emailed wanting to see it.

Big Daddy took it to work the next day and the guy met him there and test drove it and offered more than the dealer, but less than we wanted. In the meantime, 4 more people had emailed with interest (I so love craigslist!).

He set up a time to meet with one today and while I was doing pics this morning, I got a call from him saying, "Guess what I'm doing?" He and Princess P had just sold the van and were walking the mile home (met the guy at QT instead of our house). LOL!

So, now we have only the truck. Sweet. We had found a new van we were interested in and ran out there when I got home to test drive it. It is owned by a sweet Asian man who was fun to drive around with. I wasn't sure where exactly he was from so asked him after we had been driving for 10 minutes. He said he was from South Korea. Well, what do you know? I happen to know exactly TWO phrases in Korean so I whipped them right out. I told him, in my best Okie-Korean, "thank you" and "it is very delicious."

He sat straight up and froze. Then said with his thick Korean accent, "What is going on here?"

I think we scared him 1/2 to death. Poor thing! I quickly explained that my sister lived in Daejeon, South Korea for almost 2 years and we had a little boy from there live with us for 3 months about 9 years ago.

He relaxed a little and said that he is from the same town! What a small world. We chatted for a bit and he approved of my Korean restaurant choice in Tulsa (and was impressed with what I order - always the same thing  to be safe!). We ended up buying the van - well, promising to buy it on Monday. He had to call the bank where his loan is through and get it all in order. He, wisely, didn't want to take our money when he didn't outright own it. He was so sweet. I can't wait for Monday though.

I'm so excited to get a new vehicle after 7 years. I really hoped we were out of the minivan stage, but after looking at lots and lots of different styles of minivans and SUVs, the minivans won out.

Goodbye, Rhonda Honda. You were a good car and will be missed.

 Hello, ______ (gotta come up with a name after we get to know her a little).

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