Friday, August 17, 2012

No more moles...take 2

Last August, Terrific T had an odd looking mole that we had removed. I blogged about it to bring awareness to moles everywhere and surprisingly I get hits on that post at least once a week from people googling about suspicious looking moles.

T went for his full body scan last week and they found two new moles on his noggin that she wanted off....sooner than later. There are two more that she wanted to watch and recheck in 6 months too.

You can see the scar from his one last year down there too.

Today, we went in and had those two removed. T always surprises me with how well he does on things like this. He jumped up in the chair and let them give him shots in both sides of his head. He squeezed on his Webkinz but didn't make a peep or move at all. I know I wouldn't have been that calm. He had picked out another new Webkinz after his appointment last week that he just got today. Last year's was a raccoon he named "Stitch" and this year is a White Tiger name "Deuce" (2nd stitches, 2 of them this time, and he ended up with 2 stitches in each one). I'll spare you the "after" pictures (You are welcome, KJ) but he was excited to hear that they used blue thread to stitch him up. They said they would use smaller thread than last time, but he would have to take it easier so it didn't pop open....worth it for a smaller scar. He had asked me if they had colors because he thought green would be cool. I didn't think they did so this was a pleasant surprise when we got home and looked at it :) Thank you to all of you that prayed for him. He is a trooper!

Again, I say....if you have suspicious moles, or any moles on your head, palms of your hands or soles of your feet, please get them checked out! A precancerous report is much easier to hear than cancerous - and if they are gone, they can't hurt you. I made Big Daddy an appointment when we left ;)

C took a picture of us as we were leaving. P popped up in the background - lol.

He doesn't look nervous at all!

And a "safe" after picture.

Resting at home.

Sweet story - T has been asking me for days to let him buy a certain new app for his ipod. I keep telling him not yet (he buys things and gets tired of them and I feel like it is a waste of money, so put him off sometimes to see if he still wants it later). C got up this morning and bought it for him but it wouldn't load onto T's ipod. So, C changed the log in screen on his own ipod to look like T's, swapped cases with him, rearranged his icons to look like T's and loaded it on his own for him. I gave T "his" ipod on the way to the doctor this morning and when he logged in, C had left him a sweet note that he is praying for him and to have "fun". T was so excited to have "all these new games!" and it took his mind off everything while he waited. C is so thoughtful sometimes and generous as he spent his own money on the app. T was only slightly disappointed to realize he was playing on his brother's ipod too - lol.


  1. I came across your blog through Krista. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I would have never thought to have them looked at by a professional. Did your pediatrician recommend going to see a dermatologist or did you do it on your own? My six month old has a mole on the top of his head that didn't appear until he was about 4 months old. I asked the pediatrician and he totally blew me off. So, I was just watching it to see if it changed.

  2. Hey! I did it on my own because a friend's hubby had melanoma the year before. I asked the ped too but they really have no idea what to look for. Most moles are normal, I'm sure...just doesn't hurt to have them checked out by a pro. T loves the demo so is happy to go...thankfully.

  3. Poor guy, but he sounds like he is such a trooper. I'm glad you guys are on top of those! I feel so much better now that I see a dermatologist to get checked out. My good friend had melanoma on her leg a few years back. It's just so bad!

    I love your hair by the way. :)



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