Monday, July 7, 2014

Wisdom from a child

OK, I'm going to be a little too honest here...this little sweetie with us now is trying our patience. She is hilarious and spirited and busy and so stinking cute. But we are also spending our days getting bit and pinched and spit at and yelled at and so on. It's heartbreaking that a toddler has seen enough to know these behaviors. I mean, my kids acted up with the best of them, but it didn't take much to reel them back in to reality. It's harder with this little princess.

Tonight at dinner, Princess P prayed for our food and said, "Thank you for *** getting to be with us. Please let her stay with us longer." This meant so much to me since P is the one that gets picked on the most out of all of us. She has so much love to share and is so forgiving.

I love to see Jesus in my kids and it's a humbling reminder to me of how far I have to go in my own walk. I know I have shared this video before, but P asks for this song all the time in the car. I love it too. A reminder of why we do fostercare.


  1. What a sweet little girl you have! May God bless your family as you bless others! When our son came home at 21 months, I was amazed at the things we had to undo and retrain- even at a young age. We forget how important those first years are in the learning process!

    1. Yes! It really has been eye opening. I see so much potential...she'll get there!! I hope we get to see it happen. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!


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