Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hard Conversations

In the past week, I've had some tough conversations with my kids. Big things that I didn't intend to talk to them about right now, but they brought them up and I am honest with them as much as I can be. (Doctors DO take babies out of mommy's tummies. See, honest.)

First, T was so excited when P brought the mail in and he had something. He can running downstairs to get it and then tossed it on the table. "Just something about skin cancer." It was his postcard that it is time to make his annual full body scan at the dermo. I didn't think much of it until the two of us were driving the next day. He started talking about his moles and when he will get more off (he is a weirdo who actually likes stitches!). He asked if moles can make him have cancer. UGH. We have been careful to not say the "C" word, just telling him that they can make people sick if they are bad ones. I asked him if he knew what cancer was and he said it was bad. It is. Thankfully, if they take the moles that are "bad" off, then you are fine, which is why we go annually to get them checked.

Then, when we were driving home from FL, we all spent the night in the same hotel room. We don't have cable at home and monitor what the kids watch. So, we turned the TV onto A&E and watched Storage Wars for a bit until it was time for bed. After it was over, P says, "What does 'damn' mean?" WHAT?!?! She said they had said it on the show and she didn't know what it meant. Oh dear! Big Daddy and I had a nice discussion on exactly what it does mean...we couldn't come up with anything so just told her it is a cuss word that we don't say. Ugh.

And lastly....as everyone knows, we have had some rough weather here in OK the past few days. Thankfully, we were not affected at our house, but so many fellow Okies were. We are having our Classical Conversations Parent Practicum this week at our church. It is our first time to host and it has gone great. But yesterday, the weather was taking a turn for the worst so we shut it down early. On the drive home, the kids started asking a lot about what would happen if we were hit by a tornado. We talked about the logistics of it all, then I said, "worst case scenario....honestly...we get hit and go to heaven." That is a pretty good worse case scenario, isn't it?!?! How awesome that we don't have to fear death. I'm so thankful for Jesus, taking all my sin on Himself on the cross and beating death! What a great comfort to know that either way, we will be ok.

Wonder what next week will bring....I love these kids and love being here to teach them.


  1. Sounds like you get an A plus in parenting this week! The questions just get tougher, I'm afraid, but what a great opportunity to grow closer!

  2. Kids have ways of keeping us on our toes, huh? I'm always surprised by how deeply they think, even when we don't realize they're paying attention. It's a privilege to raise these blessings for the Lord! =0)


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