Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blog Through the Alphabet {O}

When we got our Christmas things out of the attic, Miss P found my old toys that are up there. She wanted to get out my old Barbies and has had a fun week playing with them, and my old dolls.

So...this week, O is going to stand for Old toys and Old memories.

I used to spend hours playing with Barbie and friends. P rarely plays with any of hers but hasn't stopped since we got these down. Barbie and Ken even got married last night on a stage she made out of a cardboard box and they just finished a beauty pageant, complete with talent competition :) I love it!

"You may kiss the bride." Don't look!

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Blogging Through the Alphabet


  1. Oh Leslie, that is so sweet. I have some old toys of mine, but they are infant toys. I wish my mom would have saved more things like this. So much fun!


  2. My mom still has all of my Barbies and now I really want her to get them out for me. :) Such sweet memories to share with your beautiful girl!


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