Friday, June 17, 2011

the town

Driving through the town of Poipet, I was trying to think of a way to describe it to people back home. We have nothing here to compare it to though. The driving is insane - hilarious looking back on it. That first night, I thought we might die, but now that I am home, I find myself honking in my head at people and wanting to pass on the curb - lol. No stopping for slow traffic, babies walking down the street, kids on bikes, etc...just keep moving. One morning, CW and I decided to play a little game of human Frogger and cross the street in front of our hotel, stopping in the middle to take pictures. As long as you move slowly, you are good...people avoid you. If we were to try to run, we would have likely been hit. Slow and stead wins the race.
Our hotel.

Our pets. Terrific T wanted me to set a trap to bring some home to him. I tried to stay as far away from them as possible and jut pray they were eating all the bugs!

Traffic jam? no problem. Just keep pushing forward and people will get out of your way.

From the middle of the street in front of our hotel.
Here are some pictures from around town. They don't do it justice at all, but give you a little idea of why people are lined up to get their kids into the children's center! The poverty is something I couldn't have even imagined.

She was still wearing this dress, two days after the pics. Reminded me of P...finds something she likes and won't take if off.

Then the center. Gorgeous! I'm so thankful that God allowed our church to help build this.

Peeking through the center wall, you can see what is right across the street.

On the drive back to Siem Reap, we passed this truck full of live pigs several times. A flat tire caused us to stop for a minute or two but we caught back up. I love how this 2 lane road is really a 4-5 lane road in Cambodia :) 
One more...not so lucky pig.

And a beautiful double rainbow to end the week.

...more to come. But probably not until next week. Spending the weekend with my family!


  1. Sure wish I could have gone with you guys. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Oh Leslie, these pictures are beautiful, heartbreaking and shocking. I try so hard not to complain about my "cookie cutter" house, or the things I need redone in it. Seeing the houses in your photos just makes me realize how much I have, even though I've always known I was blessed. I love all of your photos so far. Keep them coming.

    The sweet girl in the pink still my heart!


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