Friday, June 24, 2011

shirt to skirt in 10 minutes

The other day, I read this post on how to turn a shirt into a skirt and knew I had to try it. It took some searching but I found the elastic thread at Hancocks in Tulsa and it was on sale for $1 a spool. I bought 2 b/c I knew I wouldn't be back out that way soon and hoped to love it. It took some playing but I finally figured out how to make my machine do this for me and BAM, I'm in love! I picked up an XXL tank top from Old Navy today for $2 and made a little red skirt for me. Now, I am not really a skirt wearer but this thing is comfy so I'm thinking it might be my new "hanging around the house" attire.
Then I went scouring the boys closet for stained old shirts. I found this one with a stain on the front but at the top:

Notice that it has pink in it so Princess P will wear it, even thought it was the boys (have to be careful there...she is a bit picky).

10 minutes later, it looks like this and she is a happy little girl:

I'm hooked. She likes to wear skirts every day so making them out of "trash" makes me more likely to let her wear them to play in the mud, like she wants to since she isn't going to be ruining a good skirt.

I'm also thinking they would make cute tops too if I shirred a little to find some more shirts to cut up!

Sew much fun *haha*


  1. LOVE this! Please show the skirt you made for yourself. GREAT summer idea.

  2. Once again, you amaze me.
    Big T

  3. Cute!! What no picture of you in your red skirt?

  4. I am not a sewer but this skirt makes me want to become one. It is darling! I'm your newest follower.

  5. This is awesome! Nice work! I'm with jentmarie - I want to see the one you did for you!

  6. so i have been trying and trying for the past 3 hours to do this bc i too saw her post and i cant figure it out. HELP! i have tried everything, i have switched needles, fabrics, checked the bobbin, the tension, the stitch length and it isnt working!

    help! i really really want to do this for my daughter! i made the bibs for her brother and she keeps asking for her skirt :(



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