Monday, June 20, 2011


Last year, we bought a motorhome and loved camping so much that we sold it and got a nicer pull behind camper this year. We have been so busy that this was the first weekend we could take it out. Ironically, last year our first weekend out was Father's Day weekend too. We went to Natural Falls State Park near Siloam Springs and had a blast. I forgot my camera (like last year) but took tons of pictures with my phone. I hate that they are crappy quality but a good friend reminded me that the best camera is the one that is with at least I have memories saved :)

He went from thinking this was lame to laughing so hard when T started pushing him.

Teaching lil sis how to use a sling shot.

You might be lazy if you use your dog as a chair on a hike.

Our new home away from home!

We played a thousand rounds of Ratuki. So much fun!

I bought camp fire size marshmallows but didn't think it through very well.

They were WAY too big for s'mores. Oops.

They still found a way to eat them!

Little T's favorite part of the weekend was hiking Bear Trail.

Happy Father's Day!! We love you!!


  1. Leslie, I just love you. Your post makes me smile! Those marshmallow are HUGE! haha.

    I didn't know you had a different camper than last year. I love the new one. Very nice! We have yet to take ours anywhere other than the races. We have got to work on that. I love the waterfalls in your pictures. Looks like the kids are loving all of the fun!

  2. I just clicked on your picture....we have a Jayco also! :)

  3. My favorite of this set of pics is the slingshot picture... Darrick and I were talking about his favorite "boy toys" from when he was little and he was talking about his slingshot.

    And, we bought those campfire marshmallows last year for s'mores... I thought they'd be "fun" for s'mores... yeah they're really messy LOL!

  4. Very nice camper. B keeps looking at those, but we have nothing to pull something that big with! lol My sister had bought those big "campfire" marshmallows, but they were hard to roast without burning. :)

    Oh, and a tip that my sisters do with the awnings on their big campers, have the side away from the door about 4 inches lower than the other, that way if it rains it will go off on that side instead of pooling on your awning. Also, you can buy tie downs to tie the awning down so it doesn't get torn up in those OK winds. ;-)

  5. Well, you know we had to buy the truck to get something that would pull anything bigger than a popup ;o)

    And we do the tilting the awning to keep the rain from piling up but don't have any tie downs. Have to look into those. I also want some lights to hang from the awning...they look so cute :)


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