Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet C

My mother and father in law came over on Saturday evening to drop of some things and we decided to go out to dinner with them to Cracker Barrel. When we got there, Captain C handed me $20 and said that he wanted me and Big Daddy to have a date and the kids would eat with Grandma and Grandpa at a different table. He had apparently been planning this for months with Grandma and wanted to treat us for our anniversary. How sweet is he?!? Once we got over the shock and changed it to a table for 5 and another table for 2, we had a great evening. It was so sweet of him to give so generously from his 11 year old pockets and to plan the whole thing out. He is going to make his wife very happy one day if he keeps thinking like this!


  1. Aww, that is just the sweetest thing! I probably would have cried if one of my kids had done that.

  2. So sweet! I can only hope that my kids are as generous and sweet as C is one day!

  3. Super, super, super sweet! What a nice young man you are raising there.


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