Friday, May 6, 2011

Man, God is GOOD.

aka. Little life lessons.

T found $10 at WalMart yesterday when he was shopping with Grandma. He was so excited because he has been trying to save $20 for a long time and this would finally get him there (hard to make money when you are 8 and spend every penny you get as you get it). Well, enter Debbie Downer (aka. Mom). We have tried hard to teach the kids that if they find money, they are to return it. So...since I won't likely go to WallyWorld anytime soon, I told T he could donate the $10 to a friend of my sister's who lost everything in the tornadoes last week in AL. He was very reluctant but after talking to him about how God will bless him for doing the right thing, he finally agreed. 2 seconds later, C says he wants to give $10 of his money too. Then P did the same thing. I was shocked. So I emailed my sister to tell her that I would paypal her the $30 and C comes in with an envelope with $20 in it. It has T's name on it and was his from Christmas that had been put on a shelf and forgotten! What an awesome God to show that to C right then. T had gone upstairs, a little sad that he would still not get to get the Lego set he was wanting, so we called him down to tell him. He was so excited and it was a good time to talk more about how God blesses us when we do the right thing!


  1. What a sweet lesson for them all... God is sure good ALL the time.... Love those precious little hearts.. Hugs


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