Saturday, May 7, 2011


My mother/father-in-law were having a garage sale today and T and P decided to set up a table to sell some candy, lemonade, and water. After our talk yesterday, they decided to give 1/2 of what they sold to the family that lost their house in the tornado.

Seriously, how cute are they sitting there sampling the goods?

C competed in a karate tournament today so couldn't help them. He was disappointed because he has been wanting to do a lemonade stand "forever". A few friends and I ran the concession stand at the tournament so after C competed, he came and helped out and had a blast. We raised a lot of money for our Cambodia trip today and a little money for a family in need. It was a good day.  Bed at 8:30 is looking good though :)

I'll post more about C's tourney when I get the pics. I didn't get to see him do his kata but someone else took pics for me. I did get to watch him fight though and will get those pics off my camera when I can see straight.



  1. I'm so proud of P & T !! That is so sweet of them and they sure do look cute.. Proud of Mr C also... Can't wait to see the pictures of him.
    love ya all

  2. Aww, they are too sweet! I think it is wonderful they are helping out the tornado victims.

  3. You have such great, thoughtful kids!

    I love this photo of them sampling their items for sale. haha.


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