Thursday, May 19, 2011

I can see clearly now...

I realized on Monday that I would be flying for many, many hours soon and didn't want to mess with contacts. I only wear one in my left eye anyway but reading or watching movies for hours on end will give me a headache. So I called my eye dr and they were able to fit me in the next day. I wanted to get some glasses this time. I haven't bought/worn glasses in years so it was hard to pick some out. The lady was very nice and helped me decide on some that look ok (I hope) and I picked them up today. I put them on in the office and about fell over. I was thinking they clearly messed up my prescription because no way did I need this much. I waited a while and put them back on and about puked after a few minutes of wearing them.  He had mentioned that my eyes had gotten slightly worse which was clearly the understatement of the year. I figured I would tough it out and wear them for a bit before taking them back ;) Here I am, an hour later, and if I take them off, THEN I feel like puking. Apparently my eyes were worse than I thought! I have just gotten used to it, I guess. I'm hoping this relieves my eye strain headaches.

I made C put his on too (that he rarely wears) for a picture of our new specs.


  1. Love them Leslie! I think they look super cute!

  2. They look super cute! I hope you are adjusting to them. =)

  3. You both look really nice. I hate the whole glasses and contacts ordeal. Please let me get LASIK some day!


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