Friday, September 24, 2010

People are funny

Do you think God made us all so different so we would have a reason to laugh? OK, that is probably not the only reason, but I don't know how anyone can say that God doesn't have a sense of humor based on some of the people He made ;o)


I am so excited that the fair is almost here. Not only does it signal the start of fall to me, it is the perfect place to laugh at watch people. I guess you could just go to your local WalMart to get this need filled but the 'deep fat fried everything' you can get at the fair, puts it in a category of its own. Our family loves the fair. Big Daddy and I had our first date at the fair in 1996 and haven't missed a fair since. I have been 7 and 8 months pregnant....and we were there. We had a 7 month old, 2 year old, and 5 year old....and we were there. This year will be the best yet. Why?!? (sorry...been watching Jillian again) The kids are getting older! No diaper bags. No strollers. No meltdowns...I hope. We still won't do rides because, quite frankly, I don't trust something that was put up in 3 hours to spin my kid 100 mph safely. Oh, plus they cost an arm and a leg and we are cheap. But rides or no rides, we are going to have FUN! Did I mention that Third Day will be there. Woohoo! I can't wait!

Here we were last year watching Mercy Me in the sprinkling rain at the fair. Love it!


  1. Ah, the fair. Sad to say that my kid have never experienced that. One of these years we need to work that into the vacation schedule! Have fun!!

  2. You know how we also love the TSF !! I'm so happy to learn that you remembered something we taught you.. All the times we heard, "But everyone else rides them !" and now you know why. haha Love you, Mom

  3. PS.. Dad said to eat a Turkey leg and eclair for him.


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