Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blue Creek Cove - Camping

We thought we were done camping for a while because all of my Saturday's were booked with work until after Thanksgiving. This week, my party for Saturday was rescheduled so we had an unexpected free Saturday afternoon. After Captain C's football game Saturday morning (which he made 2 far, he has made 2 in every game this season), we headed to Blue Creek Cove near Foyil, OK. It wasn't very busy at all and such a relaxing, perfect weekend. We brought the kids' bikes this time, knowing it was pretty empty at the campground, and they loved that. We might be doing that every time now! I promise I narrowed WAY down the picture I took but here are a few highlights of the weekend. It was so pretty last night that I was wishing I had brought my good camera...but I just can't make myself take that thing camping!

P enjoyed finding shells:

 The boys (and girls) loved skipping rocks. 
C is much better at it than I am and did it so much that his arms are sore today!
 They spent lots of time riding bikes. I received a magazine in the mail the day before we left and Big Daddy had brought the paper so we got to sit and read in the beautiful weather while they rode. It was perfect.
 Did a little tree climbing. He was scared to death here though and wanted right down!
 I love this pic of them!!
 A little playtime on the playground. P played with her imaginary friend (tough to teeter-totter with her but she still tried).
 C took this one...besides looking like we are camping, it is pretty cute ;)
 P wanted help with the monkey bars but changed her mind and wouldn't let go of C's head. He is such a trooper and a great big brother!
 Swing competition between the boys. I won't comment on who won.
 Little posers ;o)
 We had a nice hike...
 But P preferred to pick flowers and wanted to go back so we left the boys and Big Daddy to hike and we headed back to the camper to relax. 
Oh and the rule is that pets have to be on leashes...doesn't say anything about anyone holding onto the other end. Wondermutt is such a good dog - she sticks really close to us.
 I'm not gonna lie. We camp...but we don't necessarily rough it. We picked up a couple of redbox movies to take with us. One for the kids and one for us for after the kids went to sleep. We might have gotten some laughs from the people driving by but we didn't care. It was cheaper than the drive in and if you get really, really close to the laptop, it might even look like a big screen ;)
 While the kids were watching the movie (and Big Daddy was listening to some of the OU game), I walked across the drive to the lake and snapped this. So beautiful. This was about 2 hours before the wind picked up and we thought we might be headed to Oz.
 It is getting harder and harder to find a movie that 10 and 7 year old boys AND a 5 year old girl can agree on. P lasted about 20 minutes with the movie....
...then started entertaining herself. C joked that not just bugs liked the lights!

 The campfires are always a highlight of our camping. But I so wish I had taken a picture of Big Daddy trying to put it out around midnight, in the hurricane-like winds, in his undies. I was cracking up (from inside the camper). We finished our movie and went to bed and the wind was so loud through the trees. I was worried that a spark would fly out and felt a responsibility because...well...only we could prevent that forest fire. He also ran around collecting the 3 Tulsa Worlds that we had left on the picnic table with a rock on them. Hey, it wasn't windy when we went inside but picked up in a hurry!
 Ready for bed.
 We didn't blow away and got to enjoy some hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls for breakfast (again, didn't ever profess to be roughing it!). The temps dropped quite a bit overnight and we were thankful to have packed sweatshirts!
 Sadly, Big Daddy had an obligation and had to be back in time to take the youth group to an event so we packed up early and headed back. This time, I wanted to take a shot at driving Winnie. It was a blast! I am very impressed with how it handles...braking leaves some to be desired but I am glad to have done it. I drove it about 20 miles until we came to a bigger town and then pulled over and let Big Daddy drive for the hard part.

I am so glad we bought this beast. I know that the kids and I are all sitting in the house together now, but they are playing games and I am typing this. Laundry is being run and lesson plans are calling my name. I love the down time. The forced time together can't be beat. I honestly don't take the time to play frisbee with C or sit and really enjoy nature with T when we are at home. Always too busy. Or so I think. I heard a song on the radio on the way to the campground that I have heard many times but never listened to. It seemed to be more about cheating and stuff but there was a line in there that hit home. "Families never crumble in a day." I don't want our family to crumble. I want to make them a priority. I hope we get to camp a few more times before winterizing Ol' Winnie...but I also hope I can take more time for the little things while we are at home and "sooo busy".
Off to play a game with the kids...whether they want to or not ;)


  1. What a great over-nighter. I am glad you all made time to do that. Isn't it refreshing?! I think P was smart to avoid the monkey bars ;)

  2. Love all of these pictures. What a beautiful place. You are brave to drive the camper. I can't even drive Kevin's Nissan Titan truck. agh! :) We need to be more adventurous and take our camper out looks like you all had a lot of fun! It's hard to stop and take a break from life, but it's so rewarding when you do!

  3. Time with the fam is Priceless !!
    Love, Mom

  4. What a fun get-away!!

    Loved the pictures, especially one of P and the little lantern. Hilarious!!

  5. What fun!! I love that you all took Redbox movies... I think that is a smart move... We took a road trip this weekend and my little girl was counting her fingers for entertainment. Which entertained me for just a little bit. Have a wonderful week!

  6. Looks like a blast! So happy you guys are enjoying it!


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