Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I agree P.

The kids have all been getting their check-ups lately. The boys were last week and Princess P has one tomorrow. She was showing me a bite down on her lower tummy...like, right below her panty line. It looks like a spider bite and I told her we can show the doctor tomorrow. She said she would just not show the doctor because of where it is. I figured I better warn her that he would be checking ALL of her. She was a little bothered by this and I told her that it was ok and Big T told her that I would be in there with her and then I told her that the doctor had to check the boys last week too. I just heard her in the kitchen talking to Tricky T about it. She ask him if it was true. He said yes. She said, "That is so not appropriate!"

I am cracking up in here, but I guess that shows that we are teaching her right!


  1. yes, you are teaching her right! :)

    That is so cute!

  2. ps. I hope Mr. C feels better too! Fevers make me worry so much, but I know they are just so common.


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