Saturday, December 7, 2013

I wish I could cook

Or rather, I wish I had the desire to cook.  I would love to have all whole, healthy foods here but I really do suck at cooking and no one will eat when I make "good" stuff. Honestly, it usually tastes horrible so I don't blame them.

You probably wonder what my point is?

Today, T wanted to play xbox so I told him he could, but he couldn't find the TV remote (black remote on the black couch - it was sitting right there we later found out). He freaked the freak out. Like ranting and pacing and throwing everything and just CRAZY. I tried to talk him down and he just kept yelling at me and when I told him he was being mean to me so I wasn't going to help any more, he screamed, "I DON"T CARE!" then asked me to help him. He was making no sense at all and just so hateful.

Just like when he has red40. :o/

I gave him some fish oil and Cedarwood (both just in case one worked faster than the other!) and sent him to sit on my bed and fold clothes. Hey, don't judge! I might as well get some benefits out of this craziness, Jack!

He fussed about that for a while but then was fine and wanted to play xbox. He wasn't thrilled when I told him that wasn't happening anymore, but took it ok.

Then at dinner, he was very quiet and just sad. He must have been thinking through it all because he said, "Does hot chocolate have red40 in it?" He knew he wasn't being himself and figured it out. I'm so proud of him! It doesn't, but it must have something. We eat Krispy Kreme donuts at church on Sunday mornings and after he was consistently getting in trouble on Sunday afternoon at home, we decided that there must be something in there that is bothering him too. It's all the same behavioral reaction, but I'm not sure what is causing it. He hasn't eaten donuts in over a month and surprise...hasn't been in trouble on Sunday afternoons either. Nothing we have here normally bothers him so this was strange today.

I'm going to try to figure out what the common factor is here. "artificial flavors" is what my gut says, but I need to look into it all. I have some natural hot chocolate here, but didn't even think to have him have that. He always checks for artificial colors, since red40 and caramel color do the same things to him, but now I guess we need to start looking further.

I hate that he gets like this because he is always so remorseful after and I know he wouldn't freak out on his own. He's not like that.

We are slowing making changes and will continue to do so, but until then, I wish someone would just do all my cooking...and cleaning. And I really wish companies would stop putting artificial crap in our foods so I could continue to be lazy and buy them!


  1. Aw. Bless his heart!
    The junk in our food these days is downright scary.
    My mom always made us the hot chocolate recipe on the side of Hershey's cocoa powder growing up! I think that might work for you guys? It's pure cocoa, milk, water and sugar...I think.
    It's the BEST!


  2. Noah did that this past year with donuts. We don't eat them often so I hadn't put 2 and 2 together but when he had a Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde moment after eating a Publix chocolate glazed donut...we checked the ingredients. Yep. Red40!!! We were all o shocked! No donuts since then. I'm with you on the crazy ingredients. I'm tired of reading labels and I'd definitely love a cook/grocery planner!!!!


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