Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A time to dance

One of our favorite days of the year is Princess P's dance recital days. She has grown and matured so much since she started dancing. Her teacher teaching them Godly traits and encourages them to be "girls of grace" each week. We are so thankful to have found someone to partner on this journey with who helps back up what we are teaching at the dancing (we don't do that part at home)!

P has come so far in her dancing too. It was so much fun to watch her preform this past weekend. All the girls (and boys) are growing up and getting so much better. And she absolutely loves it. After each semester, I ask her if she wants to do it again, even if no friends are doing it with her. It is always a resounding YES.

She didn't want to do ballet this year and did tap/jazz. Their recital piece was jazz and so fun. Christmas Love was the song and they did so great!

I love that she smiles the whole time. She loves every minute up there and doesn't get nervous at all. She doesn't get that from me!

I love how confident she is up there, and in life in general. A few weeks ago, a girl was visiting our church with her friend and told her her lips were too big and looked funny. She talked about that for a few days to me - mentioning it here and there with little things like, "That was weird that she said that, right?" I know she thought about it. Which ticked me off, really. What right did this girl have to make her think she looks funny? We had a nice talk about how God made her beautiful and she is just that. Beautiful. And also about how it can hurt other people's feelings to say things about them, even if they aren't true. She hasn't mentioned it since and I don't think she is still thinking about it (she tends to say whatever she is thinking to me!). She is confident in herself and is ok with others not liking her. I'm proud of her beauty - inside and out! Love you Princess. Keep on dancing for Jesus.

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