Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday: We're watching you!

Yesterday, the city came to tear up our front yard and fix a leak (that I didn't even know we had). Thankfully a neighbor had called them since we were watering the street. Nice. From the time WonderMutt announced their arrival, the kids couldn't do a lick of school and just had to sit there staring at the poor guys for over an hour. I made them stay inside and we read some of the book we are reading aloud so it wasn't a total waste of the afternoon. C got binoculars to stare a little more closely. T got a Nerf gun to protect his turf. And P yelled "The sheriff is here! Or maybe it's Obama!" when another city vehicle showed up. It was good times.


T went to the bathroom and realized that we didn't have water. He is slightly obsessed with germs and the thought that he couldn't wash his hands after peeing about put him over the edge. He asked if he could put soap on them and spit on them to wash the soap off. He was serious. I gave him some waterless hand cleaner and he was ok.

Then the kids thought they were going to dehydrate. It freaked them out that we didn't have any water to drink...for that hour or two. They filled their cups with ice and waited for it to melt. Phew.

So thankful we survived this potential tragedy ;)

The guys came to tell me what was going on....after they had done it. They were really nice and I let the kids stay outside watching from the porch. T ran in to make a thank you note for them (he is so thoughtful). They were sweet to pass it around to each person and thank T and put it in their truck. Made his day.

And to think, if we didn't homeschool, we would have completely missed this....and come home to a pile of mud in our yard and have no idea what happened ;)


  1. That's so funny how they freaked out about the water! I loved how you included the story of your son wanting to put soap on his hands and then spit into them. Hehe!

  2. I love this picture and the mental picture of your kiddos watching the workers!!

    I hope that your front yard makes a full recovery.

    ((PS on the face mask I just mixed the honey into the cinnamin until it looked good to me... :O) ))

  3. such a cute story- your kids sound fun! my boys would have all run for their weapons..... lol - reminds me of when W. was little (still in diapers) and someone on a riding mower was mowing the empty lot next door - W was a very quiet child who didn't ever talk (or respond) to strangers- i was so shocked to see him pick up a plastic baseball bat and run across the yard screaming "hey you man on a tractor - you get away from our house!" (fortunately, the tractor was loud and the poor man was facing the other direction) thankyou notes are so much nicer!!! lol

  4. btw- i'd love to talk to you about co-op! are you on facebook? you can friend me if you are - there is a link on my site- kelli

  5. LOL!! Its a good thing you guys had ice available or those poor babies might have collapsed from thirst!

  6. I love this story. I think I read it a while back, but had to re-read it again! :)


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