Monday, November 4, 2013

Thankful 4 - My Village


I know I say this over and over, but I'm seriously blessed with such fantastic peeps to do life with. Just today, I had a friend bring me a bag of pretzel m&ms just because she had an extra and she knows I'm a chocaholic. I had kids and parents stepping in to help with little dude while I was leading CC, going to the bathroom, or finishing my chicken nuggets, which another wonderful friend had just picked up for me and Captain C since I didn't have anything here to pack for lunch for us. I was dumping the trashcan at lunch and a friend and her two kids put their lunches down and came right over to help dump the stinky, nasty, outdoor trash so we would have room to throw our lunch trash away. Another friend grabbed the overflowing bag from me to take to the dumpster so I didn't have to walk it all the way over there. One dear friend's hubby was innocently standing around waiting for his daughter and offered to carry my bags to my car. Poor sucker didn't know how much junk I tote back and forth to CC each week! I so appreciated him. Another friend took Princess P home and dropped her at ballet when yet another friend, who normally does this, had a sick daughter. Another friend held little dude for me so I could lock up and then buckled him in the car for me. Another brought the train set I mention in yesterday's post (that seriously has gotten more hits than any post I've every posted besides the one that MoneySavingMom featured on her blog!) - little dude is in heaven! One friend stopped me today to ask when she can keep little man for us. She works about 3000 hours a week (the best hair dresser in town!) and has her own family to raise but wants to help. I got several other messages yesterday too offering to help.

I just feeling very thankful today for my wonderful "village." I could go on and on with examples. These are just some that popped up in my mind from today. I can't imagine not having you guys in my life. Love you!!

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