Friday, November 29, 2013

Princess P and Beautiful Lengths

Princess P decided a long time ago that she wanted to grow out her hair to donate to locks of love. She planned to wait until summer but got tired of me sending her back to the shower to rinse again (she could never get all the suds out!) and also tired of combing out the tangles every morning. We did a little research and Locks of Love apparently grossly mismanages their donations, so we decided to go with Pantene's Beautiful Length's program. Bonus is that they only require 8" so she still had plenty to play with - wahoo!

We decided to surprise Big Daddy and do it before he came home for Thanksgiving. She was so pumped and I'm thankful to have a good friend that is our hairdresser and she got her in this week. I was nervous because I liked it long but I LOVE it now. It looks so cute and healthy. And is SO easy to wash, dry, and brush.

She had to do two ponytails because it is so thick!

Some before and afters:


  1. Looking good Princess P! I actually hear that using 4-6 small pony tails is the way to go to get more hair in the ponies and make it easier to trim up, so 2 was definitely better than 1! :)

  2. Awesome, way to go. Beautiful Lengths is who we donate to as well. They do not charge for their wigs and Locks of Love does.

  3. I think it looks fantastic!


  4. I love that you researched and found a better organization to donate her hair to. Princess P is such a sweet girl, and I LOVE the new look!

  5. Love the new haircut! Thanks for the heads up on LOL, that's incredibly sad :(


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