Sunday, September 1, 2013

Quality time

Big Daddy has had to travel a lot lately for work, so when he surprised us by coming home early, we called in a "favor" and headed to Branson for some quality family time. I took pictures for a sweet family that lives in Branson this spring and they offered to let us stay in their condo for a week whenever we wanted. Well, this week, we wanted. :)

It worked out to be perfect timing for us. CC is off on Monday for Labor Day so we essentially have 2 weeks to do one week of CC work. Big Daddy's parents had just returned from vacation so they could keep Wondermutt and Super Turtle. So we headed out Thursday and got home tonight.

We drove up Thursday afternoon and checked in and ran to Branson Landing for dinner and browsing. Then back to the condo to swim and watch cable. We have only Netflix at home....not even normal stations on our TV since early summer (when I messed up the sound and can't figure out how to fix it - lol). So we enjoyed watching some History Channel and/or Disney Channel, depending on the person.

We got up Friday and headed to Silver Dollar City. It was a perfectly HOT day, but there is so much shade there that it is bearable...and there were very low crowds so we were able to get on any ride we wanted, as many times as we wanted without a wait.This was the first time we have been since they opened the Outlaw Run. I had to try it with the boys. P sat out most of the bigger coasters, but I tried most of them at least once. More than once and I get woozie. It was a blast. We had B1G1 free tickets so could have gone back again Saturday or Sunday but did enough on Friday that we decided to skip it. We just hung out and swam, watched TV, ate, shopped, slept, and had a nice, relaxing few days.

Some of my favorite memories are walking through Silver Dollar City or Bass Pro Shop and Terrific T or Princess P reaching for my hand. Such sweet memories and I know they are growing up fast and won't do this forever. I'm so glad we took this time and so thankful for the bartering we did to make it extra nice. Having a 2 bedroom condo was awesome, and they had several pools to chose from while we were there.

We are sorely lacking in quantity time as a complete family the past few months, so having some quality time was a dream. Here are a few pics from the short trip.

Night swimming was fun!

At our 2nd Bass Pro of the trip. This time in Springfield.

She wanted "one of those donut things with the sugar on top."
Awesome accommodations.

Protecting the flooded mine.

You can see how busy the place was. This was their 2nd time to ride. Big Daddy sat this time out.

Yes, I was there too.


We talked T into riding Wild Fire and it became his favorite ride.

Obligatory SDC pose.
We have been home 2 hours and C has mowed the neighbor's yard, T and Big Daddy went to Lowes and to get the dog and turtle, P has been riding her bike and watching Netflix, I've done laundry and this one is in the same room. I'm so glad we made intentional time to be together. It's hard to come by sometimes.


  1. It is hard to be together as a family, but it's nice when you can make the time, and I just love this post. How cool that you got to trade pictures for a condo stay. I'd say that was well worth it. I'm glad y'all had fun! xo

  2. Such fun memories.. so happy you all got to have some quality family time.... Looks like a fun time... what is there not to like at Super Dollar City :) hugs to all.... <3


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