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Review: BrainFood Learning DVD

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I am always on the lookout for educational DVDs that aren't cheesy or boring. The creators of BrainFood Learning felt the same way. They wanted videos that contained "stimulating and interesting content that educates as well as entertains." They didn't find what they were looking for so began their own "The Fascinating World of" series. I was given the opportunity to review their 52 minute long Fascinating World of Mammals DVD this past month.

 photo mammals_front_500__556451320384055300400_zps4f7f14fe.jpgWhen I saw the cover, I thought the kids would think it is too young for them. They say that it is for kids ages 3-11, but after watching the info video (linked below), Terrific T wanted to see it. I'm so glad we did. After watching it myself, I actually think it could go older and/or younger. Don't judge a DVD by it's cover! It is both educational and entertaining to watch and we all enjoyed viewing it - some of us have watched it several times already. ;)

The video is full of information mixed in with beautiful video and pictures.  They teach all about mammals, and while it isn't a Christian video, there is nothing questionable in it at all. We loved watching the video of a giraffe bending down to drink. That was something I have never seen (or thought of) or learning that lions spend 20 out of 24 hours of their day resting or that beavers mate for life. We also learned about things like scientific classification and the types of consumers. All things we learn through the years of CC so this was nice to reinforce that.

The Fascinating World of Mammals DVD really is fascinating. I am not big on watching "kids movies" and usually get bored or walk away. I truly enjoyed this and watched it all. It is very educational and so entertaining that you just can't look away. The lady's voice that narrates it is very calming and the music isn't annoying, like some can be. They don't just cover the basics either; they really did their research and have interesting facts and info on each of the animals. And I can't say enough about the up close videos of all the animals. I was mesmerized watching the beaver build their dam and the giraffe's "necking" (it's not what you think, but funny to hear the kids talking about it with no idea of the alternate meaning).

I thought it was funny that the little boy that reads the words and definitions sounds just like a little boy in our CC. LOL! I keep thinking I need to ask his mom if he does voice overs. ;)

Watch this short preview to get an idea of how well it is done.

After the video is over, there are some review sections - flashcards and then multiple choice Q&A sections. There are 5 review sections in all. These start simple and get more advanced. You could stop it after the first 2 sections for younger ones. I liked that it got increasingly harder and was a good comprehension check for the kids.

They also recently added some lesson plans to go along with this that are wonderful. I wish we had these when we first watched it, but I've printed them out and we are going to do them when we start school back up this week.

Other DVDs in this series are The Fascinating World of Insects and The Fascinating World of Bird. The videos are $14.99 each. T wants me to buy the other ones too, and I think I will. He is my animal lover and really enjoyed this. We kept it in the van for several weeks and they watched it over and over. Now that we have a new little one staying here, I'm going to put it back in there to help her learn her animals while we drive around.

I don't think you will be disappointed in these videos. Check out what other people had to say on the Crew about all three of these videos by clicking on the banner below.

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