Wednesday, July 24, 2013

nickel and diming...

As I was cutting Captain C's hair tonight, it made me wonder how much I have saved over the years by cutting the boys' hair at home.

Big Daddy - at least 7 times a year X 16 years X $10 = $1120
Captain C - at least 7 times a year X 11 years X $10 =  $770
Terrific T - at least 7 times a year X 8 X $10 = 560 least $2450...and I was being very generous. I know we cut hair more often than that and I only started counting them at age 2 for this list. For the sake of not having to pull out a calculator, I assumed they could get a cheap cut and left out tips.

We have bought two (or maybe three) sets of clippers, but always buy them on sale so haven't spent even $100 on them. There are plenty of videos online that will show you what to do and it really isn't that hard. The good thing about boys....if it looks bad, just cut it shorter and pretend you meant to. They hate when I say "Oops!" while cutting, but I've never had to shave them bald, so it hasn't been that bad.

$2500 can make a pretty nice vacation, right? Little things add up!


  1. I just started having to send mine to get haircuts 2 years ago bc my hands just can't do it any more. I hate having to pay for it now. Especially when they come home and I have to cut a little here and there :) Nice savings!!!!

  2. I' ve been cutting hair here for the last 10 years. Including my own. It's nice to know I've saved so much money!


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