Wednesday, July 10, 2013

At least the house is clean...

We received our "number" from the state a couple of weeks ago so we could officially care for foster kids. Since then, we have received 3 or 4 different calls for kiddos that we couldn't take. At this stage in the game, we have to make sure we have our own kids best interests at heart, much as it pains me to say no when we get a call that we can't help. As I was chatting with a wise beyond her years friend, she reminded me that "God is still sovereign and He is still good. It'll be okay. Someone will take them" I need to print that up. Another friend keeps reminding me "NO GUILT!" I'm blessed with some great friends!

Tonight, I thought we had a promising call. He said he would call a few more foster families to see if he found someone that can take all the siblings together (always preferred!) and to keep the phone close.

I yelled for the kids to GET CLEANING. P put new sheets on her beds (there were two girls so she offered to sleep in our room or on the floor in T's room so they could have her bed since we only have one spare bed.), we cleaned all three bathrooms, swept and vacuumed and made the place look nice....and waited.

We were praying if they were supposed to be here, they would call, if not, that they would find a great home fast.

God answered. They never called back so we assume they found a better fit. So close.

As we were cleaning, P ran in and said, "We need to go get them Bibles!"

I get teary just thinking of her saying that. How sweet. I'm in here yelling at the kids to vacuum and straighten up, and she is thinking we need to run to Mardel asap. I love that!

I learn from my kids daily. It isn't always pretty when I'm humbled by an 8 year old, but I'm so thankful.

God knows the perfect little girl for our family for this next season and we can't wait to meet her. Right now, the house is clean and we will be sure to pick up a little Bible so we will be officially, officially ready!


  1. That is so SWEET!! FRom the mouth of babes... I know God has a plan and it is a perfect plan and he has a specific little girl in mind for you all !!! I love that we can trust HIM!! love you all and so proud of you for taking a giant leap of faith, Mom

  2. Wow, your friend sounds so wise, and...pretty! :) Keep listening to her, I bet she thinks a lot of you too.

  3. What a tender heart she has Leslie! We learn so much from our kids don't we. :)

  4. I love this so much. "We need to get them bibles".....the sweetest words ever. I love your sweet family.
    God's timing and His knowledge is perfect.


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