Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Me Again...

...Hank the Cowdog!

T loves Hank the Cowdog books and reads or listens to them all the time. They are what really got him reading "real" books finally. So when I heard that Hank was coming to town, we were in! P enjoys Hank too but C thinks he is too big. My mom is in town so the two of us took T and P and had a great time tonight seeing Hank and friends.

I had found this t-shirt at OCHEC for him so he wore it tonight. He also made "Hank" a picture, but didn't get his autograph since "he isn't John R. Erickson!" Here are a few pics from tonight, thanks to Mimi having her camera :)

We were on the second row but no one sat in front of us. It did fill up behind us though.

Very fun night. If you are in T-town, the show runs through Sunday. Check it out :)


  1. I love that last picture! It looks like such a fun night and what a super special treat for T :)

  2. "Hank" looked at the picture and he and "Drover" ooh'd and aah'd over it and Hank told him to be sure to hang that on his fridge. Drover told him he thought it was for HIM to keep and he said he would hang it on his fridge and gave him a hug. It was sweet.

  3. Sounds cute, I've never heard of Hank.

  4. We saw him and these books on TV recently. I've got to check them out.

    Yes, it was hot and I must have brought the Texas heat to Oklahoma. Sorry. :) I'm beat today from all that heat.....


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