Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday!

I was fortunate to have my mom come and spend a week with us. She left yesterday morning to head back to AL but we enjoyed having her for as long as we did. I know my dad missed her and "needed" her home ;o) She was even a fairly good sport about my Summer of 7, especially considering she caught 1/2 of the food week. We did great last week, actually. Our only time we didn't stick with it was Saturday for lunch. I shot a wedding that morning and we got out of there at 1:30 and were starving. I felt like I had earned a Hideaway pizza....that made me totally sick since I had been eating so well all week. *sigh* On a positive note, I lost 5 pounds last week. On a negative note, I have gained almost all of it back this week. Snacking is what kills me. Last week, we snacked on fruit. This week, crackers. Back to fruit for us!

This week in the Summer of 7 is clothes week. We each picked 7 pieces of clothing and are only wearing that all week (undies are free b/c my kids, and possibly my hubby, would have left those out to let them have one more shirt). It has been a great week. No worries over what we are wearing - - - you pick one of two pairs of shorts that are clean and one of three shirts that are clean. Last night was the was all dirty. I considered us all going nude for the evening so I could wash it all, or wrapping up in a towel, but instead just made everyone sleep in barely anything and threw it all in overnight. Phew. We are back in clothes this morning! Thankfully it is 105* out so things dry super fast on the line!

Here is a picture from earlier this week. P was in a funky mood that day...I think because she knew Mimi was leaving the next day. If you scroll over it, you can see the second before and after this shot was taken. The girl has got skillz....picture taking skillz, that is. She can turn it ON for a picture ;o)

Have a great weekend.


  1. That's the coolest thing ever! Glad P can put on a smile when needed! :-)

  2. Bahahahahah.. this really makes me laugh to scroll over and over it and watch her expression.. and since I was there it is even more funny... you got a little drama girl there... haha.. I had a great week but it went by way toooo fast.. love and hugs to you all...
    ps.. so happy undies were free :)

  3. Your mom is adorable!

    That is hilarious about P's expressions. I had to scroll over it about 10 times because it made me laugh out loud. :)

  4. That is such a cool thing to do with your picture, Leslie!


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