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Review-Snake Oil!

Out of the Box Games Review

Wahoo! Out of the Box Games has outdone themselves with the clever, family friendly game, Snake Oil. When I read that this was up for review, I had to giggle as we joke about our "snake oils" that we use everyday (essential oils). I was excited to be chosen for this review and thrilled that Big Daddy was home so we could all play together. The game needs 3 or more players and includes directions for a tournament play that can have up to 24 players! We played with all 5 of us and had so much fun!

Out of the Box Games Review
Set up and directions are simple. We didn't even take all the cards out of the holder in the box, but just set the holder on the table and got started - lol! The game is intended for ages 10 and up. Princess P is 9 but didn't have any trouble catching on and keeping up so I think you could go a little younger if wanted. We started by reading the kids about what snake oil really is. None of them had heard of it so I'm glad it was included on the instruction sheet.

What supermodel doesn't need bra glue?
Such funny combos!!

To play the game, each player gets 6 word cards. There are word cards and then a smaller deck of "Customer Cards." The customer tells who they are...such as pirate, pregnant lady, sports fan, couch potato, or cowboy. All the "non customers" choose two of their word cards and "invent" something that the customer can't live without. You have up to 30 seconds to give your spiel before it moves to the next person. After everyone goes, the customer chooses one person's product as the one they must have and that person wins that round.   

This was hilarious!! The combinations were so funny and random and we all laughed and laughed. The site says the game takes 20-30 minutes to play. We played WAY longer that our first time because no one wanted to stop! I loved how creative the kids were and how they had to think on their feet. They came up with such great spiels and were so convincing that it was hard to decide sometimes.  I really wish I had videoed some of them. They were SO convincing about why we needed their product. So funny. 

This was a great game to bring us all together. It's hard to find things sometimes that both P (at 9) and C (at almost 15) enjoy, let alone Big Daddy and I enjoy too.And finding something that isn't electronic is a huge plus for us. We are going on vacation later this month and Big Daddy said to make sure we bring this!!

At only $19.99, this is cheaper than going out to eat and has brought so much fun to our evenings. It would be fun to play with friends and family. I'd even like to try the tournament! As I said, it's hard to find something that our whole family can enjoy so this is definitely worth the price to me. These moments of hanging around together in the evening are fleeting...gotta take advantage of them while we can.
This is sadly my final review for TOS for the year and we are taking a break from reviewing next year. Talking about going out in style though!! This one was a blast! Thanks for reading and commenting on my reviews. Please keep following the Schoolhouse Review Crew as they have big things in store for next year. I'll miss it, but look forward to slowing down a bit with our homeschooling.

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