Saturday, October 19, 2013

Growth Chart Makeover

We have been using this gorgeous growth chart for the past 8 years. It's called our laundry room wall. When we put our house up for sale last year, we decided we would just cut this wall out and take it with us when we left.  Well, the house didn't sell and we decided to wait a while to try to sell again, so just kept on drawing on that poor wall.


Until I saw some truly gorgeous growth chart rulers on pinterest and thought, "Hey! We can make one of those for WAY less than $70". And we did. About 5 months ago. And today, I finally transferred some of the dates over (at least one a year, but not all of them because goodness, I'm crazy with how often I was measuring the kiddos!) and Big Daddy hung it on the kitchen wall. 

It really was way cheaper than $70! We bought one board and used stain that we had. I ordered the numbers from my sister, who sells Uppercase Living for about $1ish each, and just used a Sharpie to draw the lines!

I love it! It is fun to compare how tall the kids were when they were the same age. And in the "not as fun" category, Captain C has been growing like a weed and has officially passed me...stinker!

We are also adding in each of our foster kids, with their name and the date they came, which will be fun to look back on.

It's the little things that make me smile.


I would love to hear your thoughts!!