Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prince Charming is in the house

A friend is going out of town and is letting Terrific T guinea pig sit for a few days. He is pumped because he has been wanting one for a long time but his mean mom won't let him get one until he can keep his room clean for a month. Two minutes is his current record so I thought I was pretty safe saying a month ;)

We have had Prince Charming with us for about 2 hours and T is loving every minute of it. He has already brought his stuff downstairs to sleep on the couch next to him, just in case he needs something.

Wondermutt isn't 100% sold but I think they will be just fine. She just keeps looking at him. T brought his Webkinz guinea pig down to keep PC company too. It is going to be a fun week.

 (oops. I just got two packages delivered and didn't move the boxes!)


  1. He is so cute and I love the look on Sunni !! haha.. you so should let the lad get one :) Remember all the ones you had ??

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