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Review: College Prep Genius

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I am still hugely in denial that I have a kid that even knows the word "college," let alone is heading there anytime soon. Captain C just finished up 7th grade...crazy! When College Prep Genius had their book, High School Prep Genius: An Academic Guide to Excellence, by Jean Burk and her daughter, Judah, came up for review, I initially thought I would pass. It is too far away to be thinking about that. But then I started looking around on their site and saw that it is really for 7th grade and up. So, I was intrigued and excited when I was chosen to review it for TOS.

 photo Untitled-1_zpsac2e8af4.jpgIt is a very nice, 440 page soft bound book that is FULL of great info about preparing for college. I didn't want to freak C out, so decided to read it myself instead of asking him to read it. If your child is older, already in high school, it is a very easy read and they should probably read it along with you. For us, since he is in 7th, I read it and made notes on what to discuss with him.

The book is divided into 18 chapter, and focuses on personal success, academic success, and future success. 440 pages seemed intimidating when I received it, but as I started with the introduction (that is almost 90 pages long!), I realized that I didn't need to read every page just yet. I looked at every page, but skimmed some of them, knowing we will come back to focus on those things later.

I loved all the charts in the intro to help plan for college, including sample transcripts, and would love it if they were available as excel spreadsheets to download...I do love a good spreadsheet. ♥

After finishing the Intro at home, I started reading Chapter One while C and I were on an overnight getaway to Branson. I'm so glad I did. As we were sitting there, watching episode after episode of Storage Wars (LOL), I made it through four chapter and then we had fantastic discussion with the questions at the end of the chapters. The questions really made him think, more than just "right" answers. He is growing up and going to have to be making moral and ethical choices every was good to just talk through questions like, "Someone told you a secret and your best friend wants to know it. What would you do?" and talk about where he wants to go to college and why.

The book ends with several Appendix sections, including a reading list of the "best books of all time." I'm looking forward to working through that list with the kids.  

A lot of the subjects didn't quite relate to us just yet, but I can see it all coming...sooner than later. There are chapters on finances, organization, and even choosing classes in school.  As I finished the book, I found myself dog-earring and highlighting numerous pages and thoughts for us to come back to in the next few years. There were many things that we could do and talk about now though and fun to get a peek into my little teen's mind. ;) Each chapter has things for students to think about and discuss and also "parent homework." I love that it gets us both involved in this college process! It is a team effort, after all.

High School Prep Genius is a steal, in my opinion, at $29.95! As homeschoolers, we don't have a guidance counselor waiting to help our students at school, so we need to be educated and prepared to help them ourselves. This book is so easy to read and understand that I think all home school families should have it on their shelf (and you know I don't say that about everything!!). I can't wait to read back through it together with C in 9th grade.

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  1. Thanks for an awesome review!
    ps. We are working on that spreadsheet. :)-Jean

    1. YAY! Thanks for reading and replying to my post! I'll be waiting for that spreadsheet - haha!


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